CMYK Acrylic painting of wildflowers

Perfect is the enemy of the good: Embracing imperfection

“Perfect is the enemy of the good,” is attributed to Voltaire, the French writer and philosopher. He was actually quoting an Italian proverb, “Il meglio รจ l’inimico del bene.” A more literal translation would be, “The best is the enemy of the good,” but that’s not what’s stuck around for us English speakers.

Photo of sliced banana bread
What better illustration of, “Perfect is the enemy of the good,” than banana bread?
Photo by Jeff Siepman from Unsplash

Although I’m sure there have been entire philosophical treatise and books written on the subject, I’m not here to philosophize. What I’m really here for is to showcase my artwork.

I was waiting until I had time to get my website perfectly right, but realized that by the time I find that kind of time, I will have a huge backlog of art.

Over the weekend, I stuffed my perfectionism way down deep, buried it in a block of ice, and designed a good website. Is it perfect? Of course not. Would it have ever been perfect if I waited? Probably not. But do I like it? Yes, I’m happy with what I designed and am even more happy to start sharing my artwork.

If, “Perfect is the enemy of the good,” then I guess I’ll have to be content with less than perfect. What’s new?