painting of pink bleeding hearts and yellow daffodils

Bringing Cheer during #QuarantineLife

As #QuarantineLife began to engulf the entire country, I noticed that there was a resurgence in sending physical mail to help people feel connected to one another.

I was looking for a reason to paint again and remembered the stack of unused, blank watercolor greeting cards sitting in the corner. This seemed like the perfect way to bring some joy to friends and family while also giving me a reason to set aside time to paint.

Thus, my line of COVID Cards was born. Each card is custom designed for the recipient. By nature, I’m a designer, and work better with project scope. Picking specific people to design for gave me the focus I needed to be creative in a variety of ways.

I painted my very first COVID Card for my mother. As a little girl, I always looked forward to the daffodils blooming at Easter time, and the bleeding hearts we bought one year for Mother’s Day were always so beautiful. It seemed only right to put them on a card.